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Shipping Policy

It is our policy we offer several shipping options on all items in our web site, that ship within the boundaries of the contiguous 48 states of the USA. We understand that some of our customers may require expedited shipping such as second day air or next day air freight. In such circumstances the customer will be responsible for the additional cost of shipping. Most items under 80 pounds will ship via UPS ground or Fed Ex Freight ground transportation. Larger and heavier items will ship via common carrier.

Our Mexican and Canadian customers must also pay shipping to a USA border city, and all costs of transit across the USA border will be borne by our Mexican or Canadian customers. does not guarantee transit times, either verbal or inferred. These are estimates and should be understood as such. All weights shown are approximate and obtained from standard packaging procedures. Skid or pallet weight is not included.

Cost of Redelivery If a delivery is refused by a customer (for reasons that are not the fault of the carrier) and if the merchandise must then be redelivered to the same customer, then the customer will be charged a redelivery fee by the carrier, and will collect and bill the customer for this additional redelivery fee.